An American Musical Education in Ecuador

So you might think that living in a small Latin American town might be detrimental to the education of my sons. After all it can be tough to find quality education in rural areas of North America let alone that of Ecuador. And it’s true that I do devote a good portion of my time to keeping my boys up to par with their math, literature, history, and science, but luckily the advent of the internet, e-readers, and tablets makes my job far easier than it would have been just a generation ago.

But one of the really fantastic things about Cotacachi is the other expats who live here. They are all so diverse and have the most interesting backgrounds. Some of them are skilled musicians and my boys have had the privilege of playing with and learning from a few of them.

Justin began playing guitar at the age of six in Idaho and so he had a nice foundation before we moved, but he has learned so much from the expats here. He’s been introduced to different musical styles and been pushed to learn new things of his own.

Jesse began playing drums under the instruction of another expat here and for his birthday this past spring we bought him his own electric drum set. Now both boys can play and practice together which I really love. Here’s an example of a recent song they learned – I hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “An American Musical Education in Ecuador”

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Your boys are amazing. My kids like to sing and draw and play sports.

    Is there a flea market in Cotacachi like in Otavalo? What else is going on there?

    I know it’s known for leather goods. We’ve spent some time in Otavalo & it would

    be great to meet up with Expats in Cotacachi. Is there a restaurant where they hang out?

    1. Hi Stewart,

      The great thing about Cotacachi is there are so many talented people here, both expats and locals. If your kids want to take art or music lessons they’ll have no problems and if they like soccer they’ll be in heaven!
      There is a very small craft market here that’s open every day in Parque San Francisco. It’s much much smaller than Otavalo’s market, but it’s fun to wander through every now and then.
      There are a lot of events that take place throughout the year. Right now Inti Raymi is going on which is always fun to watch. There are parades and exhibitions quite often. The town gets quiet at night, but we’re never bored here.
      If you want to find other expats head to Solid Rock Cafe at breakfast time, Serendipity, Trebol, and Rio Intag Coffee have people all day long, and The Bar on weekend evenings should have a group.

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