Where Have I Been?


So I’ve not posted on this blog since last June and you might notice that the blog name has changed. So has the look. I didn’t actually fall off the face of the earth and I’ve not tired of blogging. And yes, my family and I are still in Ecuador. But sometimes life throws us curveballs that explode into flames and that’s how the latter half of 2015 went down for me. Here’s a quick rundown of my past ten months.

In July my domain name for this site was up for renewal and set to auto-renew through PayPal. Except that just before the renewal PayPal thought I had been hacked (I hadn’t, but I did sign in from a different location and IP address) and froze my account. It’s a long and boring story but essentially after weeks of fighting with PayPal I regained access, but too late to save my domain name. Being unwilling to pay the king’s ransom required to get my domain out of cyberspace limbo I opted to change names and was working on that.

In the meantime I had a work trip to several areas of Colombia to plan and execute. We also bought property in the Intag Valley and David was working hard to turn it into a viable farm. More on that in a future post. And then just a few days before I left for Colombia I received what I thought was the worst news I would ever get. Turns out I was wrong. The worst news came at the end of December. More on that in a future post also.

Suffice to say my life was turned upside down and this blog became a very low priority. I’m finally getting some sense of normalcy back in my life now. And people have been asking about my blog and when it will be back. So I guess now is the time to resurface and share my adventures, life, and whatever else needs to be thrown out into the universe.

I’ll be back soon with real posts about real things. So stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?”

  1. So glad you’ll be back, Wendy! Have missed your wonderful writing and wondered what you were up to. Your column on my site, wonderful as it is, is getting a little stale by now so it will great to get some new material from you. .

  2. Glad your back, I am sorry to hear of your troubles, I hope everything is working out for you now. Looking forward to reading (and living vicariously through) your posts again.

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