Photo Essay: The Astounding Architecture of Old Town Quito

Ecuador's capital city of Quito is a large and sprawling center. Housing more than 2.5 million residents the city is understandably a mix of sleek/urban, industrial, and everything in between. But one section of the city is particularly noteworthy - the Historic District. More commonly referred to as Old Town this sector is crammed full of… Continue reading Photo Essay: The Astounding Architecture of Old Town Quito

Good Friday in Old Town Quito

Being a mostly Catholic country with a large religious following, Ecuador comes to life around religious holidays. Perhaps one of the most celebrated in the region is Easter and the days leading up to it. In Cotacachi we always see plenty of religious processions during Holy Week, known as Semana Santa in these parts. Good… Continue reading Good Friday in Old Town Quito

Carnaval de Negros y Blancos: Colombia’s Best Kept Party Secret

Carnaval is in full swing here in Latin America. Rio of course has the most well-known celebration, but plenty of other towns and cities throw some pretty great parties of their own. But the first week in January each year sees a different Carnaval take place in Pasto, Colombia. Known as Carnaval de Negros y… Continue reading Carnaval de Negros y Blancos: Colombia’s Best Kept Party Secret

Beauty in the Badlands

If you've never been to South Dakota's badlands you might think it's nothing more than miles of arid dusty wasteland. The name itself "badlands" doesn't exactly invite one to visit. But, if you're a romantic like I tend to be, this area might be one of the most interesting places you'll ever see. In the… Continue reading Beauty in the Badlands

Photo Essay on the Black Hills of South Dakota

I mentioned in my last post that I spent a little time in the U.S. last month visiting family. After road tripping it with my brother Barry to Denver where we picked up his girlfriend Rachel, we continued on to my uncle's house in South Dakota. I hadn't seen Lynn in 25 years, so it… Continue reading Photo Essay on the Black Hills of South Dakota

Directionally Challenged in the Desert Southwest

What do you get when you combine two sibling who haven’t seen each other in five years and are trying to make up for lost time, a technologically-challenged navigator (that would be me), and a “smart” phone with GPS mapping directions? Lost. See, after my conference in Las Vegas, my brother Barry flew in from… Continue reading Directionally Challenged in the Desert Southwest

Treading Water – The Last Two Months

So  I've been rather quiet on the blog here these last two months. Sorry about that, but there really is a good reason. Or five. So the good news is that I've been keeping very busy work-wise. I keep thinking that I'm going to branch out in my writing, but International Living has got me… Continue reading Treading Water – The Last Two Months

A visitor, my bad attitude, and a lesson learned

In my everyday life I’m a creature of habit. I don’t like every day to be the same, but I do find comfort in knowing that most sunrises will see me wake up, head to the gym, come home and work, spend time with my kids, and take care of whatever errands or activities we… Continue reading A visitor, my bad attitude, and a lesson learned

Homeschooling in Ecuador: The Year in Review

As you all know (or should), I homeschool my boys here in Ecuador. We follow a September – May school year with June through August providing a respite for both the boys and I. That’s not to say we stop learning, we simply stop doing so in a structured school environment. But since we’ve been… Continue reading Homeschooling in Ecuador: The Year in Review

Inti Raymi in Cotacachi, Ecuador: Friends, Fun, and Fighting

The last week of June brought about the indigenous festival of Inti Raymi. This celebration of the sun is carried out in the Andes of Peru and Ecuador, though it is not exactly the same wherever you go. Here in Cotacachi, Ecuador we have one of the most energy-infused festivals in South America with dancing,… Continue reading Inti Raymi in Cotacachi, Ecuador: Friends, Fun, and Fighting