Earthquake Part II

In my last post I wrote about the damage caused by Ecuador's big quake over a week ago. Since then there have been hundreds of aftershocks, some of which are quite large and have caused even more damage and further frightened an already shell-shocked population. Most of the country is fine. Most of the population… Continue reading Earthquake Part II

Close to Home: Ecuador’s Devastating Earthquake

As most of you have heard, Ecuador suffered a devastating earthquake on the evening of Saturday April 16, 2016. First, I want to assure everyone that my family is fine along with all of our friends and acquaintances here in Cotacachi. We are all safe and sound and didn't suffer any property damage. Now, on… Continue reading Close to Home: Ecuador’s Devastating Earthquake

Chirije, Ecuador: Archaelogy, history, and UFO’s?

My legs are stiff and I’m just a touch cranky after twenty minutes of bouncing across the beach in a hot crowded air-deprived SUV. But now that I’ve managed to squeeze over the seats and out the door all I can think is "WOW!" Virgin beach and blue seas stretch as far as the eye… Continue reading Chirije, Ecuador: Archaelogy, history, and UFO’s?