Trekking through the Andes: The Inca Trail (Ecuador)

In July four of my regular hiking friends and I tackled the Ecuador section of the Inca Trail, along with one fellow hiker, the social media agent from the tour company, one guide, and one equine wrangler. The route takes three days to complete and requires a guide unless you're already very familiar with the… Continue reading Trekking through the Andes: The Inca Trail (Ecuador)

Trekking through the Andes – Fuya Fuya

It's been quite some time since my last blog post and the reasons are multiple. Yes, I've been busy. But that last post also took quite a lot out of me. And I wasn't ready to return to blogging as though all was right in my world. Turns out that much is also wrong in… Continue reading Trekking through the Andes – Fuya Fuya

180 Degrees of Adventure

By the beginning of 2015 our family had been in Ecuador for three years. We'd traveled the country and to surrounding nations. We'd launched, operated, and sold a successful restaurant. I delved into the world of freelance writing while David took on the challenge of teaching Spanish to expats. We met fascinating people and had… Continue reading 180 Degrees of Adventure

Photo Essay: The Astounding Architecture of Old Town Quito

Ecuador's capital city of Quito is a large and sprawling center. Housing more than 2.5 million residents the city is understandably a mix of sleek/urban, industrial, and everything in between. But one section of the city is particularly noteworthy - the Historic District. More commonly referred to as Old Town this sector is crammed full of… Continue reading Photo Essay: The Astounding Architecture of Old Town Quito

Good Friday in Old Town Quito

Being a mostly Catholic country with a large religious following, Ecuador comes to life around religious holidays. Perhaps one of the most celebrated in the region is Easter and the days leading up to it. In Cotacachi we always see plenty of religious processions during Holy Week, known as Semana Santa in these parts. Good… Continue reading Good Friday in Old Town Quito

Chirije, Ecuador: Archaelogy, history, and UFO’s?

My legs are stiff and I’m just a touch cranky after twenty minutes of bouncing across the beach in a hot crowded air-deprived SUV. But now that I’ve managed to squeeze over the seats and out the door all I can think is "WOW!" Virgin beach and blue seas stretch as far as the eye… Continue reading Chirije, Ecuador: Archaelogy, history, and UFO’s?

Yasuni and the death of paradise

I have a long and ever-growing wish list when it comes to places I dream of visiting, but one location that has been on my mind for some time is Yasuni National Park in the northeast corner of Ecuador. What’s so special about this tiny section of a small South American country? Consider the following.… Continue reading Yasuni and the death of paradise