Trekking through the Andes – Fuya Fuya

It's been quite some time since my last blog post and the reasons are multiple. Yes, I've been busy. But that last post also took quite a lot out of me. And I wasn't ready to return to blogging as though all was right in my world. Turns out that much is also wrong in… Continue reading Trekking through the Andes – Fuya Fuya

Homeschooling in Ecuador: The Year in Review

As you all know (or should), I homeschool my boys here in Ecuador. We follow a September – May school year with June through August providing a respite for both the boys and I. That’s not to say we stop learning, we simply stop doing so in a structured school environment. But since we’ve been… Continue reading Homeschooling in Ecuador: The Year in Review

Public Speaking and Single Parenting

At the beginning of the year I posted a list of upcoming trips we have scheduled. February included a trip to Quito where I was once again asked to speak at the International Living conference. That conference occurred last weekend and I’ll give you a little synopsis of how that went. I was scheduled to… Continue reading Public Speaking and Single Parenting

What’s happening in 2014?

Much of the time our travel plans tend to be thrown together not too far in advance. We toss around options for awhile, mull them over, do a lot of internet research and usually end up going somewhere completely different. Because that's how we roll. And we like it that way. We like being spontaneous… Continue reading What’s happening in 2014?

Four types of Internet Expat (and why they should be avoided)

If you’ve ever considered moving abroad and turned to internet message boards for advice, you may have been shocked to find a few less than helpful folks. In fact many potential expats have been turned off by the attitudes projected online and seriously rethink their plans of migration. Unfortunately the internet has become a place… Continue reading Four types of Internet Expat (and why they should be avoided)