180 Degrees of Adventure

By the beginning of 2015 our family had been in Ecuador for three years. We'd traveled the country and to surrounding nations. We'd launched, operated, and sold a successful restaurant. I delved into the world of freelance writing while David took on the challenge of teaching Spanish to expats. We met fascinating people and had… Continue reading 180 Degrees of Adventure

Four types of Internet Expat (and why they should be avoided)

If you’ve ever considered moving abroad and turned to internet message boards for advice, you may have been shocked to find a few less than helpful folks. In fact many potential expats have been turned off by the attitudes projected online and seriously rethink their plans of migration. Unfortunately the internet has become a place… Continue reading Four types of Internet Expat (and why they should be avoided)

How moving abroad saved this Gen Xer

Recently, an old high school friend of mine posted on Facebook a link to an article by MSN Money expressing just why Generation X is hosed.  Gen X.  My generation.  Apparently, I’m hosed.  I figured I might as well find out just how said hosing is going to occur. To make a long story short… Continue reading How moving abroad saved this Gen Xer